Sweet rack-finalist "....their shiny, saucy glimmer makes our mouth
Best ribs of the city-Post City Magazine-Chris Mcdonald

"Chicken breast is crisp-skinned, it's juices providing savory
lubricant... succulent home-made pork sausage"
Joanne Kates- Globe and Mail

"a professional eater's best-of-the year list...... Five Doors North,
another quirky, off-the-wall Yonge and Davisville restaurant....."
Cynthia Wine- Toronto Star

"The furnishings may not match, but Five Doors' bona-fide fabulous fare
is matchless...Shabby-chic Queen West style goes uptown genuine Ital family fare....this relaxed resto belies appearances"
NNNN- Rating/ Now-Steven Davey

"the best calamari in town... specials are always imaginative"... good-natured fun at the notion of restaurant decor, at the heart
or it all is a busy open kitchen dishing up excellent domestic italian
cooking... marvellously tender calamari.."
Toronto Life Magazine-Rating ***(three stars)

"Quirky bistro continues tradition of great food..The quails were unusually ...... I will be back
Janice Warren- Post Tastes

"...cooking 's informal but not haphazard; the kitchen is skilled and
cares...mushroom risotto has perfect al dente bite. Fresh fluffy gnocchi are coated with a creamy aged ricotta-tomato sauce... the service is friendly and unpretentious as the wine list"
Anne Kingston- Globe And Mail

"Five Doors North would never let you take it for just another trendy
Italian restaurant...
Generous homey italian food...as good as it is generous"
Cynthia Wine- Toronto Star